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MedLocker® by Belay

MedLocker® is the first and only smart technology station designed to securely house epinephrine, naloxone, and other emergency medications. This wall-mountable station features patented and proprietary security features that keep medications secure yet visible and accessible in an emergency.

MedLocker’s ground-breaking technology is an innovative solution to anaphylaxis and opioid overdoses in public places. Utilizing advanced security and ease of use, MedLocker provides peace of mind in public spaces where quick access to emergency medications is crucial.

MedLocker is supported by Belay’s comprehensive medication management, replenishment services, and accredited training programs.

MedLocker is currently available for schools, daycares, universities, and all other public venues in both the US and Canada.

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MedLocker® Features

  • Medications are visible and accessible in emergencies yet secure and protected from theft.
  • Securely stores epinephrine auto-injectors, including Epipen, AuviQ, and Adrenaclick.
  • Safely stores naloxone (Narcan) to treat opioid overdose and poisoning.
  • Patented security features prevent theft and include an alarm system and video camera, activated only when opened.
  • MedLocker notifies administrator and shares footage of anyone who accesses the medication.
  • Requires NO lock and key for use, ensuring easy accessible emergency medications.

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