Food Allergy Training & Preparedness

In partnership with the Elijah-Alavi Foundation.
Belay proudly donates a portion of all training proceeds back to the Elijah-Alavi Foundation.

Get certified and protect a child's life

64% of food-allergic reactions occur in daycares or preschools.
We can change that.

The Belay Food Allergy Training & Preparedness Program offers schools and daycares everything needed to prevent an anaphylactic reaction while also increasing confidence in staff to respond in the event of an emergency.

The Gold Standard in
Food Allergy Training

Get certified in food allergy safety and earn CEU credits.
  • Accredited by IACET: The only accredited food allergy training program in the United States.
  • Endorsed by New York Allergy and Asthma Society
  • Endorsed by the Medical Society of New York State
  • Created to empower staff & educators to respond to an anaphylactic emergency appropriately.
  • Medically Reviewed
  • Meets all the requirements and standards established by Elijah’s Law (where applicable).
Our course can be self-paced and completed at home ​
Our course can be taught at your facility in a group setting

What We Teach

The Belay training course addresses food allergy essentials, how to make schools and childcare centers safe for food-allergic children, and prepares staff in the event of emergency. Available for restaurants soon.

  • Food allergy fundamentals
  • What allergic reactions look like in children.
  • How to document food allergic reactions.
  • How to create a safe and inclusive classroom.
  • How to safely prepare food and ensure children are eating safely.
  • What to do in an anaphylactic emergency.
  • How to inject an epinephrine auto-injector (e.g. AuviQ or Epipen).

We’re More Than Just A Training Program

We work hand-in-hand with all childcare facilities in a holistic and supportive way to create safe environments for children with food allergies.

How we help you:

  • We provide on-demand support
  • Help staff create Food Allergy Management Plans and Emergency Care Plans
  • Offer reduced-cost epinephrine (e.g. AuviQs) including prescriptions, shipping, and refills
  • Food Allergy Posters and Forms
  • Legal guidance regarding liability of epinephrine use and Elijah’s Law (in states where applicable)
  • Parent education meetings
  • Live Q&A with an allergist

We are parents of children with food allergies, too.

If you want your child’s school or daycare to become a safer place for children with food allergies you can share the PDF below or fill out the Google Form and we will happily contact your child’s school. 

We are here to help.

Let's connect.

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Belay and Elijah's Law in the United States

The Belay training is available nationwide. Our training meets, if not exceeds, the requirements of Elijahs Law, which mandates food allergy training in childcare centers in New York, Illinois, and Virginia. Elijah’s Law will  soon be enacted in Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. See below to read more on each state and how to bring Elijah’s law to your hometown.

Belay Training is approved in the following states

North Carolina
New York
South Carolina

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

Belay is the approved training program for the state of New York. We are OCFS approved and also qualify for the Educational Incentive Program (EIP) to subsidize training costs of childcare facilities.  We are also an approved course by New York Works for Children.


Belay training meets all requirements of Elijah’s Law in Illinois and is listed as a preferred training in the state. It is also now officially available on the Gateway website.


Belay training is available in Virginia and meets all requirements of Elijah’s Law in Virginia.

Some Places We’ve Trained

ABC Headstart
Adventures In Learning
CAP Cayuga

NYC Children’s Museum
Mater Gardens
Mohawk Valley
Peace Headstart
Salvation Army

Searchlight After School
Tender Tots
Temple Sinai

ABC Headstart
Adventures In Learning
CAP Cayuga
NYC Children’s Museum
Mater Gardens
Mohawk Valley
Peace Headstart
Salvation Army
Searchlight After School
Tender Tots
Temple Sinai

Got more questions about our training? No problem.

Got more questions about our training?
No problem.

Every child with food allergies should feel safe when learning.

Let's change the way
we live with food

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