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We created a course that addresses all the issues related to food allergy management and safety in childcare centers and schools. Child care workers and educators will learn about food allergies, allergies vs, intolerances, what reactions looks like in children, proper documentation, creating a safe classroom and facility, how to safely prepare food and ensure children are eating safely, what to do in an anaphylactic emergency, and how to inject an epinephrine auto-injector (e.g. AuviQ or Epipen).


How do child care centers and schools take our course?

Easy. Schedule a quick call with us so that a member of the Belay team can understand the specific needs of your facility. We want to ensure we make the training process as seamless and convenient for you and your staff. We will explain the training options to you and then schedule the date(s) of your training. It’s as simple as that.

How much is the course?

Our course is $35/person. Included in this cost is the training, certification, CEU credits, and unlimited support from the Belay team. We will be there to assist you and your center in this process until you are tired of hearing from us.

How long is the training?

From beginning to end, without stopping, the training can take anywhere from 90-120 minutes.

What if it’s hard to schedule all my staff to take the training at the same time?

No problem at all. Belay is the only program that has created a training course to be delivered in two ways to accommodate the varied needs of child care workers.. Staff can take our course in one of two ways: as a group all together or they can take it individually, at their own pace. Some centers also choose to do a hybrid, where some staff train together as a group and others complete it on their own. We will work with you to make it as accommodating as we can.

Why is your training a little longer than others?

We leave no stone unturned. We believe that proper food allergy training isn’t just about injecting epinephrine, which is what most courses focus on. There is so much more to keeping these children safe. Your staff will be well-informed and well-prepared to create a safe environment for all food-allergic children. And your parents will be grateful

How long does certification last?

Certification lasts two years. Belay maintains a record of users and their course dates and will remind staff, as well as the center, when it is time to get recertified.

Our staff are very nervous to inject epinephrine. Can you help with that?

You bet. We work really hard in the course to empower everyone to feel confident about injecting epinephrine and to dispel all the myths associated with using it. Staff walk away with the realization that epinephrine is safe and easy to use.

Can you help my daycare or school get epinephrine auto-injectors? (e.g. AuviQ or Epipen)

Yes, we can. We can get you any dosage of AuviQs at a reduced cost and will happily ship them to you. For this service, we require a minimum of 10 staff at your facility to go through our training. And we won’t abandon you once the auto-injectors explore. Once we start working together, we remain your partners and will continue to get you AuviQs at reduced cost once they expire.

How can I be certain your training program is valid and credible?

Our course has been overseen and reviewed by physicians and allergists. We are accredited by both OCFS in New York and by IACET. We are endorsed by both the New York Allergy and Asthma Society as well as the Medical Society of New York State.

How are you unique from other programs?

We are so much more than just a training program. From beginning to end, we will be a support system to you. We will be reachable at any time to assist you in the process of making your facility safe for children with food allergies. We support you in the registration process, we provide technical support, we will work with you to make your facility safer, we can help you understand the complicated laws around the use of epinephrine, and we remain present to help you even when the training is over. We know this is hard to do on your own. We are committed to making childcare centers and schools safe for children with food allergies and in being your partner along the way,

I still wish my staff could have a live interaction since the course is pre-recorded.

ure, we get that. And we can help you with that. If you wish, following the staff training, we can arrange for one of our medical advisors to host a “live” Q&A via Zoom.

Is there state funding for your program?

In New York State, yes. In New York state, Belay’s program qualifies for the Educational Incentive Program (EIP) which helps to subsidize the cost of training for daycares You can find us listed on the OCFS website here. And for more information on how to qualify for an EIP, please click here. Getting an EIP scholarship requires the following:
  • You are an NYC daycare or pre-k and are licensed by NYC-DOH
  • You are an NYS daycare (outside of NYC) and you are licensed by OCSF
  • You are an NYC daycare or Pre-K and only licensed by the Dept of Education then you can request a grant from them but it is done on a case by case basis.
We are working hard to make these scholarships available in every state. If you’d like to work with us to bring these scholarships to your state, feel free to contact us:

Do you offer anything else to help parents with children who have food allergies?

Yes, we absolutely do. We have created a FREE mobile app on both iOs and Andriod that helps parents share their children’s food allergy and emergency information with all the caregivers (e.g. grandparents, babysitters, teachers, coaches, etc in a child’s life).

Are there other ways we can get involved?

Yes! We are doing a research study with Dr. Ruchi Gupta, a world renowned Allergist and Pediatrician from Northwestern University, to study food allergies in children among the Medicaid population. Please let us know if you are interested in participating.

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