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Everything needed to create a safe and informed environment for children with food allergies.

The Belay MedLocker®

The Belay MedLocker® is a “smart” base station that ensures epinephrine is safely secured yet visible and accessible in an emergency. The MedLocker® alerts staff if opened and comes equipped with a camera and other security precautions to prevent theft. Belay services the station and can prescribe, ship, and refill the emergency medication. Made for all public places and will soon be available to store other emergency medication.

Without Camera: $440.00
With Camera: $485.00

Medlocker Upgrades/Additions

Reduced Cost Epinephrine

Most kids have their first food-allergic reaction at preschool or school, which is why all schools and childcare facilities should stock undesignated epinephrine. Belay is able to provide this life-saving medication at a reduced cost, refill when necessary, and conveniently ship to the facility.

Educational Resources

Belay’s proprietary posters and placemats will add color and delight to walls while educating staff and children about food allergies. Parents will be grateful and relieved to see facilities making the effort to keep children safe. All posters are laminated.

Allergy Classroom Poster

$20.00/per poster (11×8.5”)
$40.00/per poster (16×20”)

Safe Dining Poster

$20.00/per poster (11×8.5”)
$40.00/per poster (16×20”)

Food Allergy Symptoms Poster

$20.00/per poster (11×8.5”)
$40.00/per poster (16×20”)

Emergency Protocol Poster

$20.00/per poster (11×8.5”)
$40.00/per poster (16×20”)

Kitchen Preparation Poster

$20.00/per poster (11×8.5”)
$40.00/per poster (16×20”)

Top 9 Allergens Poster

$20.00/per poster (11×8.5”)
$40.00/per poster (16×20”)

Customizable Classroom Allergen Plaque

$199/per plaque

Emergency Action Plan Form

$60.00 (pack of 100)

Allergy Incident Report Form

$60.00 (pack of 100)

3 Way Sign


Belay Merch

Belay Hat (logo only)

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