Advancing Public Access to Lifesaving Medications

MedLock Emergency Medication and Laptop Screen

Advancing Public Access to Lifesaving Medications

What We Do

Belay offers the only comprehensive and patented solution for access to emergency medications, including naloxone for opioid overdoses and epinephrine for anaphylaxis, in all public settings.

Belay actively trains and educates schools and other public venues on responding to opioid overdoses and ensuring food allergy safety.

Belay also secures reduced-cost emergency medications through its authorized distributors and Belay’s prescription writing services.

 Emergency medications must never be kept under lock and key.

MedLocker® by Belay

MedLocker is THE solution for life-threatening emergencies. Wall-mounted and easy to use, MedLocker features patented, smart technology for safe and secure access to medications such as naloxone and epinephrine and is bundled with accredited training in food allergy safety and opioid overdose treatment. 

If you’ve purchased a MedLocker

Food Allergy Training

Exemplary IACET accredited food allergy training offers certification and CEU credits upon successful completion.  

Coming Soon: Training for restaurants, food service establishments, and online food ordering. 

The Belay App

The Belay App enables parents to share critical, life-saving information about their children’s food allergies with other caregivers. It is distinct from the MedLocker app.


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Giving Everyone the Power to
Save a Life

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Giving Everyone the Power to Save a Life

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